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Smartphone applications list:




BBB Cyclings approach to a riding app

After introducing Bluetooth enabled sensors for heart rate and speed/cadence and a ground breaking phone case last year, we felt there was a need to introduce a proprietary BBB BikeBoard ride registration app. Following BBB’s design philosophy of stripping products down to a no nonsense version, we aimed at introducing a reliable and battery-friendly app. No unnecessary buttons and features, yet it does have everything that we feel is important. A ‘straight to Strava ‘upload, easily customizable layouts for your data screens and a direct link to your sensors from the ‘Current Workout ‘screen. But most of the clever choices are ‘under the hood’. Processor usage was limited as much as possible to minimize the strain on your phones battery. Choices in data registration and filtering have been adjusted to come up with the most exact representation of your ride, including that one break where you schooled all your riding buddies.

App features:
  •     Customizable layout & pages
  •     Drag & drop feature for layout arranging
  •     Connect & manage BCP-61/62 Bluetooth sensors
  •     GPS tracking with map view
  •     Always reachable quick settings
  •     Workout history with ride details
  •     Direct Stava upload or .GPX/.TCX export
  •     Native iOS feel
  •     Multiple bike feature
  •     Keep-awake & auto-pause feature


THOMPSON - BE CREATIVE - Belgian Bike Power
Race bike : PILOT - Color configurator

Carbon Frame

Hundreds of color combinations possible!
Choose your own color and personalize with your name. All at no extra cost !
For more info visit our website.

Design your bike!

CycleBikeplus gpx Navigation

Alle fantastische eigenschappen van CycleBike gpx navigatie, met ANT + ™ gecertificeerde connectiviteit

- hands-free navigatie met gpx route bestanden en GPS-ontvanger

- uploaden tcx track-file naar Garmin, Strava, RidewithGPS, etc

- verbinden met hartslag, snelheid, cadans, snelheid en cadans en uithoudingsvermogen sensoren via ANT +-interface

All the great features of CycleBike gpx navigation, with ANT+™ certified connectivity

- hands-free navigation using gpx route files and GPS receiver

- upload tcx track file to Garmin, Strava, RidewithGPS, etc

- connect to heart-rate, speed, cadence, speed & cadence, and power sensors through ANT+ interface


The iriverOn app monitors your workout progress and goals in real time. Track your progress from various exercises including: walking, running, hiking, mountain biking and many others. The iriverOn app provides information of your vital signs such as heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered, directly from the built-in sensor.
Using the GPS feature on your Smartphone, retrace and set your exercise routes via Google Maps and track your heart rate changes during your exercise. You can also set specific exercise goals to individual vital sign categories like heart rate, distance, time, and calories burned.
Through the voice feedback feature, information such as progress status towards your goal and heart rate zone information during your exercises are heard through the earbuds of the iriverOn. All of your exercise data is recorded on the iriverOn application and is continuously updated in real-time. In addition, post and share your workout results with your friends Facebook. (The GPS from your Smartphone calculates distance and speed without the iriverOn headset synced to Bluetooth)
1. Provides various detailed vital sign information such as: heart rate, speed, distance, pace, cadence, altitude, and calories burned.
2. Get accurate heart rate information when the iriverOn is properly connected via Bluetooth to a Smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled devices.
3. Your exercise route is detected through Google Maps and changes in your heart rate zone are also tracked when the iriverOn and your Smartphone are synced.
4. During your exercise, the voice feedback feature of the iriverOn provides speech guidance towards your set exercise goals and the current status of your heart rate zone.
5. With the iriverOn, adjustment and setup of the steps calibration detects accurate exercise information.
6. Detect your basic heart rate through the Health Status test before exercising,
7. To create a fun exercise experience, a trophy is rewarded with every exercise goal reached.
8. With the iriverOn app, create the “Power Song” playlist with your favorite exercise music to help motivate and enjoy your exercise.

PerformTek Biometric Tracker

PerformTek Biometric Tracker application is designed to work with Valencell prototypes and some PerformTek-powered products. The application presents real-time biometric data and stores historical data for viewing post-exercise. Validated Fitness Tests and Progress updates are included. PerformTek Biometric Tracker will only work with a properly configured PerformTek-powered device
Works perfectly with the iriverOn heart rate fitness monitor

Callant verzekeringen

Ontdek de Callant-app
Ten alle tijde snel en efficiënt het portaal raadplegen van op afstand…

  •     Uw polissen steeds bij de hand
  •     Uw klantengegevens aanpassen
  •     Onmiddellijk schade aangeven
  •     Offertes aanvragen
Uw hulp in nood!
  • Onmiddellijk bijstand via de panic-button
  •  24/24, 7/7 noodnummer

Map My Ride+ GPS Cycling

Map My Ride+ – GPS Cycling, Riding, Mountain Biking, Workout Tracking and Calorie Counter

Start riding with the MapMyRide+ community. Record GPS-based activities to view detailed stats; connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all your data in one place; log over 600 different activity types.